Credit Adjustments has been a leader in debt recovery for over 35 years. Focusing on the healthcare and higher education industries, we’ve consistently exceeded customer expectations by investing in the industry’s most effective technologies and processes while maintaining a core of highly experienced debt recovery associates.

Our goal is to offer our clients the best possible debt collection solutions. In short, we strive to provide clients with fast, efficient debt recovery that will increase profits and eliminate the time and capital they might otherwise expend on this energy-consuming process. In pursuit of this goal, CAI offers several debt recovery services.

Zero-Cost Consultations

Free of charge to our clients, CAI offers seminars, customized training and account receivable consultations to ensure that our clients can perform to the best of their ability to recover outstanding debt before the need for external sources.

Customized Pre-Collect Services

CAI customizes early-out billing, insurance follow-up, payment monitoring, automated messaging, courtesy calls and pre-collection letters to meet the individual needs of each client.

Enhanced Collection Services

All CAI third-party collection programs can include, but are not limited to: customized workflow, system-generated letters, predictive dialing, secure client web access, flexible electronic placements, integrated payment monitoring, custom report writing/data exports tailored to the client, student account resolution, cohort reduction, rehabilitation, automated demographic verification and nationwide litigation management.

In addition to offering a comprehensive range of collection services, CAI understands the importance of ensuring the customers of our clients are dealt with in a professional and appropriate manner.

CAI ensures compliance with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) by providing employees with FDCPA training. Each employee is educated on the FDCPA rules and regulations and how the FDCPA pertains to every aspect of the collection industry.

Employees are reminded of the constraints the FDCPA puts on the industry in topics such as the acquisition of local information, false or misleading representations, unfair practices, validation of debts, legal actions by debt collectors, harassment, abuse, and the relationship of the FDCPA to state laws.

In order to maintain our excellence in service delivery both today and in the future, CAI employees must take a 50-question exam upon completion of FDCPA training and pass with at least 90% correct responses. Additionally, to stay on top of new FDCPA regulations, employees must take an annual FDCPA refresher test.