Healthcare Services

Debt collection with respect to healthcare can be an especially difficult endeavor given the tendency for higher-dollar balances. The effective recovery of potentially lost income in this field calls for state-of-the-art collection management tools along with an experienced staff trained to collect expeditiously and respectfully. CAI offers both. We serve many large hospitals and physician groups throughout the United States with advanced technology and proven strategies, and we understand the nuances and specialized requirements necessary for regulatory compliance in the healthcare industry.

A partnership with CAI means a personalized approach. Our healthcare clients will attest to our exceptional service, given our ability to address concerns quickly, provide helpful feedback, and treat each customer with the highest level of courtesy and respect. To further enhance the customer experience, we maintain a cohesive staff that shares insights and experiences that have led to mutually beneficial debt recoveries.

Our commitment to the healthcare industry is reflected by our membership in:

  • American Collectors Association (ACA)
  • Healthcare Finance Management Association (HFMA)

  • American Association of Healthcare Administration Management (AAHAM)

  • Central Ohio Patient Account Management (COPAM)

CAI is actively involved in these organizations, with our professionals serving on executive boards with several local chapters.