Executive Team

Michael S. Osborne

Chairman and CEO

After joining the CAI team as president in 1996, Michael Osborne guided the company to double-digit growth in revenue and placements year after year. In 2008, he was appointed chairman and CEO. Mr. Osborne began his ARM career in 1976 and has held management positions at General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin. A visionary with decades of experience, Mr. Osborne provides the resources necessary to position CAI as a performance leader in our industry. He holds a BBA in quantitative sciences from National University in San Diego.

Dexter A. Smith


Prior to teaming up with CAI in 2008 as president, Dexter Smith held numerous senior management positions as he progressed through the executive ranks with several of the nation’s largest ARM firms. His focus is to increase CAI’s national footprint in our primary lines of business: healthcare, education, consumer and first-party. He ensures that CAI achieves strong growth while continuing to provide world-class service and competitive performance to new and existing clients. Mr. Smith studied business administration at Georgia State University in Atlanta. His primary government work is focused on the ED subcontract, serving the U.S. government with the collection of defaulted student loans.

Jason Osborne

Chief Operating Officer

To ensure our clients receive accurate information, Jason Osborne oversees the account flow design and customizes CAI’s programs and collections software. Mr. Osborne has been with the company for over 20 years and ensures that CAI is always current on our advanced technology to support our collection efforts. He holds a BS in economics and mathematics from Hillsdale College and a PhD in economics from George Mason University.

David Weisner

Chief Financial Officer

To meet our financial goals, David Weisner directs and oversees effective strategic financial planning and accounting practices at CAI. He joined the company in 2001 and has developed and maintained policies for accounting, auditing, payroll and human resources. Mr. Weisner directs all strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management, forecasting and reporting at CAI. He is the driving force that helps make CAI a financially sound company. Mr. Weisner holds a BA in economics from the University of San Diego.

Lisa M. Bloomfield

Vice President

An employee of CAI since 2001, Lisa Bloomfield sets the tone for proactive client service operations. She works with clients to ensure that our process is designed to their expectations and satisfaction. She directs the implementation of new client service requirements, manages clerical and client services staff, and tracks each client’s collection status. Mrs. Bloomfield is a board member and the program co-chair of the Northwest Ohio chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).

Derrick Smith

Vice President

Derrick Smith joined CAI in June 2008 as Vice President of Operations. Derrick Smith is responsible for driving revenue, providing support to the management staff and ensuring that the team has a mutual focus toward exceeding month-end goals. As a hands-on leader, Mr. Smith is directly involved with determining and creating workflow strategies, staff growth and promotions and managing the overall operations, making adjustments as required. With over 18 years of experience in the collection industry, Mr. Smith attended Georgia State University, studying business administration.

Gayle D. Carter

Vice President

With company since 2007, Gayle Carter currently oversees the employee training, compliance and quality assurance programs. Through her leadership, CAI employees perform to the highest industry standards. Ms. Carter develops collection policies, procedures and guidelines. Serving in the collection industry since 1987, she has been profiled four times in First Financial Management Corporation magazine.